OUR vision

We are an award-winning hot dog stand running through North American market since 2005. Always striving to “Deliver happiness and joy” to make all the customers delightful. Our store opened its first location in the U.S. in 2011, and currently JAPADOG has popular among local peoples and tourists in Greater Vancouver area in BC, Canada and Santa Monica, CA, United States. JAPADOG has gotten attention as unique savory hotdogs that are combined with authentic Japanese taste.

Our reputation has rapidly increased and the words by mouth from customers including celebrities, athletes and world-famous medias made us famous as an iconic hotdog stand in Vancouver.

Through the years since we opened, we’re really thankful for all the customers who visited us and spreading our JAPADOG. Our journey to grow as a world-famous hotdog stands is in progress, to share the experience with not just existing local communities but the people who’ve never experienced our taste as well.

Message from The President

Welcome to JAPADOG official website. We are so thankful for your visits and patronage to JAPADOG stores. Our original JAPADOG location started in January 2005, where everything was new to us, including new people and friends, new opportunities, and new hometown.

After leaving everything behind in Japan, we started our new journey of hotdog business, and have met thousands of great people and partners along the way.With much support and grateful opportunities, our stores have slowly grown.
Before we begin any of new projects, we always envision greater customer experiences and happiness in mind. And with each opportunity, we dream bigger and further, to fulfill our mission, “Delivering dreams, happiness and excitement to the world through hotdogs.”

Thank you,

Owner/President Noriki Tamura



Delivering dream, happiness and excitement to the world through hotdogs


代表 田村徳樹

OUR timeline


Origin of Japadog

Noriki and Miki of Japanese couple migrated to Canada with an ambition of creating a world-famous food stand established a small hotdog stand in the small crossing of Burrard and Smithe St in Vancouver. A small hotdog stands slowly started getting noticed by the public.

Noriki says that that first experience in their own business was tough due to the language barrier and he still remembers the moment vividly when dealing with the cold winter mornings and nights.


Spreading Smiles

Introduced several different types of hotdogs and the number of JAPADOG fans increased rapidly by word of the mouth.

In the third year in 2007, Stated business as small team with several employees, and journey to spread JAPADOG actually has started.


Award-winning Hotdogs

Lots of celebrities and world-famous athletes visited JAPADOG boosted our presence both inside and outside of Vancouver. We were also honored as the “Best of Vancouver” for the third year in a row. Also catering requests from the Film industry and universities made our presence a lot.


Winter Olympics and our Flagship Store

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver made two of JAPADOG stands experienced their busiest period with nearly 100 people lining up for the Japanese-style hotdog every day. JAPADOG got lots of followers and media coverage from around the world. In addition, the third hotdog stand and our first flagshipstore were opened in May.


first Location in the US / Company expansion

The first JAPADOG trailer opened this year. Four JAPADOG stands and a JAPADOG store for a total of five locations in Vancouver. Then our family has increased to 30.

Also, the dream to make a world famous hotdog stand had extended its boundaries out of the heart of Vancouver and has joined the biggest city in The United States since 2011. This was the first global store that JAPADOG has created and is a giant step for reaching our dreams!


In 2016, we opened our restaurant at MaArthurGlen Designer Outlet Mall, in Richmond BC, Canada.

At the same time, we expanded our food truck locations and served at different municipalities, such as the cities of Coquitlam, White Rock, North Vancouver, which were in addition to our core operation sites in downtown.


With the impacts of Covid 19 in February 2020, and due to the related restrictions and orders, we had to close down many of our locations, and experienced sharp declines of resources than ever before.

However, it was during this time that made us stronger and even more resilient, and together with the united efforts, we started developing the entire new product lines, re-established ourselves in online ordering systems and ghost kitchens platforms, and created new restaurant brands.

In 2021 August, we were able to launch our very first food-court unit at the Amazing Brentwood Mall, with the total floor size of 210 Sq. ft., which is almost the same size as our food truck. Rain or shine, many visitors and shopping goers come to this new location everyday.


Interested to work with us? We are hiring for ALL positions at ALL locations.